About Us.

When the founders of Training2 Send arrived in India as missionaries in 2013, the vast spiritual darkness was almost overwhelming. It became evident the best strategy to reach and impact this great sea of lostness was to equip and train local disciples how to share the Gospel and train others to do the same.

Where it Started...

After the founders arrived in 2013, they began training local disciples on how to share the Gospel and train others to do the same. The training began using a biblically sound, but easily reproducible training tool called Tree of Life (TOL). TOL has a strong emphasis on accountability which is essential to multiplication. The key element was for these national disciples (which we also call trainers) to understand they were the best missionaries to their people, and the Great Commission called for them to be involved.

Over three years, what the Lord did in India with TOL was amazing. As national disciples were trained and obediently went into their mission fields, there were salvations by the hundreds and then thousands. They were training the most faithful trainers as master trainers, and these trainers became missionaries sent out from their local churches.

Here's what God accomplished from July 2013 to January 2016 in India:

Over 30,000 people chose to follow Jesus Christ

Over 10,000 of these followers were baptized

Over 3,500 house churches and home groups began

Countless thousands of disciples were trained

All of this was confirmed through the accountability process of the training. The Lord used nationally trained disciples to bring an abundant harvest. As a result, the national church in the region took ownership of the training and it continues to multiply to this day.

Expanding outside of India...

In April 2016, the founders of Training2Send brought TOL to West Africa. The foundational principle of the training that holds the national missionary is the best missionary was foreign to the churches in Senegal and Guinea Bissau where the work began. The church had fallen into the trap of thinking the pastors and foreign missionaries were the ones who did evangelism and discipleship, not ordinary disciples.

The training began with a few national partners who were passionate about reaching their people for Christ. The disciples that were being trained and were obedient experienced the Lord using them to multiply His kingdom. We began to see salvations in areas where there were no believers as those being trained took the gospel to those difficult areas where Islam was the dominant religion.

Over time, networks of master trainers were trained from the most faithful trainers in different regions of Senegal and Guinea Bissau. As a result, the work multiplied quickly as national disciples and the national church took ownership. Now, after seven years, the fruit the Lord has brought is nothing short of miraculous. TOL has radically changed the church in Senegal and Guinea Bissau on how it does missions and its commitment to the Great Commission.

Being able to travel through other West African countries, the same need for a training tool that trains all disciples to make disciples was clearly seen. The leaders in these different countries expressed a need for TOL and requested it be brought to their respective countries. Through God's guidance and will Training2Send was formed in 2018.

As of June 2023…


The Lord has moved those involved to obediently begin this organization to multiply the glory of His name and kingdom. Training2Send is a sending agency that trains national disciples in TOL and sends them to the most difficult and dangerous places to fulfill the Great Commission.


TOL is now being used in:

23 African countries

2 European countries


We have started training in the U.S. There is a contextualized version for the American church that is ready to be used. Please join with us in prayer for the Lord to use Training2Send in a way that brings the Lord glory and multiplies His kingdom through the training of His church.

Feel free to contact Training2Send with any questions.